Our Daily Poison

| 112 min | 2010
International Feature film

CT: Mon 20 8.45 | Thurs 23 8.15 PD
Jozi: NuM Thurs 16 8.30 | Thurs 23 6.30

Relentless journalist Marie-Monique Robin examines the story of chemicals in our food, undertaking an astonishing global investigation into exactly what is allowed, by who and why. The world pesticide market represents some R250 billion annually and in Europe alone, 139 million kilogrammes are spread on fields each year. Yet all data on toxicity is legally withheld from the World Health Organisation. Her film, by turn riveting, funny and dense, is one for the Aspergers among us, obsessed as it is with detail and finer point. It puts her at odds with the generalities of the World Health Organisation and various regulatory bodies around the world that, Robin subtly implies, are in the pocket of the corporate giants. From sick farmers in France to committee chairs in Geneva, she traces the history of our chemical diet and uncovers, if not conspiracy, then near criminal disregard. Who really sets the Allowed Daily Intake of chemicals or ADI? And who regulates the Maximum Residue Levels, or MRL? The answers will both surprise and shock.

Courtesy of INA and the French Embassy