G-Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise

, | 52 min | 2011
International Feature film

CT: Tues 14 8.45 | Fri 17 6.30 Q&A | Sat 25 6 PD
Jozi: NuM Mon 13 6.30 | Mon 20 6.30

So long after the sexual revolution, it is almost inconceivable that some myths still surround female sexual satisfaction. G-Spotting is a playful, diverting yet illuminating look at pleasure, through science, social revolution, and conflicting beliefs.

In 2010 one scientist threw the sexology world into a tizz by suggesting that the infamous G or Gräfenberg Spot is unproven and subjective. Hailed as the great sexual liberator of women in the early 1980s, the sexually-active world embraced the G. But to many contemporary women the exact location remains elusive and medical science is still searching for a distinctive anatomical feature. Hanotaux decides to investigate whether the G-Spot is a physiological organ, the greatest gift to womankind or just wishful thinking. She visits research centres and female ejaculation seminars, discusses the issue with the woman who ‘discovered’ the G-spot and hears of intimate experience from supporters and detractors alike.

Courtesy of the French Embassy and FilmsTransit International

There will be a Q&A after the Friday night screening and a Panel Discussion after the Saturday night screening, in Cape Town.