International Films

Zip Zap … A Social Circus

A behind the scenes peek at South Africa’s very cool school for young circus performers.

Wild Thing

In 1955 Little Richard’s voice ripped through the curtain of post war gentility and changed music forever, launching a million […]

When China met Africa

Three very different characters represent the tale of China’s African adventure.

Our Daily Poison

Relentless journalist Marie-Monique Robin examines the story of chemicals in our food, undertaking an astonishing global investigation into exactly what […]


A revealing look at the life of John Lennon and Yoko Ono after their move to New York in 1971.

Joan Rivers – A Piece Of Work

Cuttingly irreverent, politically incorrect and extraordinarily candid, Joan Rivers is a force of augmented nature. This fly-on-the-wall documentary repeatedly illustrates […]

Inside Job

In early 2008 the global financial world collapsed. To many, this came as a complete and utter surprise. Inside Job, […]

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

What is the difference between an eco-warrior and an eco-terrorist? Marshall Curry’s film attempts to find out through the telling […]

The Guantanamo Trap

The multiple personal and national tragedies of Guantanamo Bay are put under the spotlight.

The Good Life

In a tiny flat on the Portuguese coast, mother and daughter Beckmann lament the loss of their wealth. Having lived […]

G-Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise

So long after the sexual revolution, it is almost inconceivable that some myths still surround female sexual satisfaction. G-Spotting is […]


A rare glimpse of repressive Egyptian life shortly before the January revolution.

Feathered Cocaine

Falconry and the illegal trade in birds is but one strand of a provocative, quirky investigative story about a region, a business—and Osama Bin Laden.

David Wants to Fly

Unwittingly stumbling onto outrageous global fraud, this is a whimsical, humourous and unexpected journey into “enlightenment”. Directionless film grad David […]

Cup of Dreams

Beginning with the haka and ending with a valedictory on the merits of tribe, Shaw’s very personal ode to rugby—and […]

The Black Power Mixtape 1967 – 1975

The American civil rights movement seen through the eyes of a Swedish filmmaker, using a montage of Swedish archival news stories and interviews from the late sixties and early seventies.

African Cats

Disney’s lush wildlife documentary follows a lion pride and a lone cheetah facing life and death struggles on the Masai Mara.